We hope that in the future, you will primarily send your invoices as electronic invoices. The processing of electronic invoices is faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective for both the sender and the recipient than the processing of paper invoices.

Our electronic invoicing details are as follows:

  • Operator: Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

  • Electronic invoice address: 003731592459

  • EDI code: 003731592459

  • Email scanning address:

Please note that the invoice to be sent must be attached to the email as a PDF file. Only one invoice is allowed per email together with its attachments. If the email contains other attachments in addition to the invoice, they will be added as attachments. The maximum size for attachment files is 2 MB. After sending, the service will send either an approval or rejection notice to the sending address by email within 15 minutes of the dispatch.

Please note!

If you have one of the following operators for sending e-invoices: Danske Bank Oyj, Handelsbanken, Local Cooperative Banks, or Savings Banks, you should use the following address as our e-invoice address:

  • E-invoice address: 003723327487

  • Operator ID: DABAFIHH

If you are unable to send e-invoices, we ask you to send the invoices to our invoice scanning service.

In order for the scanning service to allocate your invoice correctly, this billing address must also be printed on the invoice itself, not just on the envelope. No other materials than invoices should be sent to this billing address; for example, the postal address for information and marketing materials remains unchanged.