Mari Lohisalo from the Finnish Olympic Committee works as an expert in elite sports communication. The elite sports network is a key stakeholder for Lohisalo, and her responsibilities also include competition communication. Lohisalo mentions that the Olympic Committee has been very satisfied with Wooli's production regarding webinars.

The Finnish Olympic Committee and Wooli have implemented several webinar series together. The first series targeted the parents of young athletes. Parents wanted to be reached through communication means because the sports path of the youth requires a lot of resources from parents. The second webinar series, made in collaboration, addressed the financial matters of athletes and was aimed at professional-level elite athletes.

"Wooli's best qualities are agility and flexibility. We organized webinars in the evening, and studio time was easily arranged every time," Lohisalo says.

Agile Wooli adapts to needs and changes quickly

Agility and flexibility provided by Wooli were critical when there were unexpected challenges in planning the webinar series. The Olympic Committee could not consistently deliver the webinar materials to Wooli within the desired schedule.

"In several webinars, the material was only completed at the very last minute, but we managed to work with them flexibly, even though they were not provided to Wooli a day earlier, as was hoped."

Wooli was selected as a partner based on Lohisalo's previous good experiences. Wooli's CEO, Joonas Villanen, is familiar with Lohisalo from previous work settings. Lohisalo describes Villanen as a skilled professional with whom work and collaborations have always gone smoothly.

Wooli's services fully met the needs of the Olympic Committee. Lohisalo warmly recommends Wooli's services and further emphasizes the value-for-price ratio.

"Wooli’s pricing is very reasonable, a major competitive advantage compared to many others. With Wooli, the need and services met well," Lohisalo notes.