Wooli – a reliable provider of live streaming services

Wooli is an agile content studio that offers high-quality and effortless live streaming for various events. The operation is characterized by strong delivery reliability, flexibility, agility, and enjoyable collaboration.

Suomen Ekonomit chose Wooli as their partner due to its comprehensive service offering. During the collaboration, Suomen Ekonomit has utilized Wooli's streaming services in many different events, such as book clubs, trainings, seminars, and the organization's annual meeting.

Reliability and flexibility are emphasized in the collaboration

One of the most important selection criteria for Suomen Ekonomit was Wooli's delivery reliability. The success of live streams is an essential part of event execution, and the customer can trust that Wool will handle its duties professionally. Wooli's ability to adapt to different situations and respond quickly to changes ensures that streaming productions are always successful as planned.

Flexibility is also evident in how Wooli can offer customized solutions to its clients. For Suomen Ekonomit, this means they can choose the online service platform they want for executing streams or take advantage of Wooli's platform. In addition, Wooli provides versatile technical support both before events and during them.

Working with Wooli is pleasant and straightforward. A bonus is the excellent people with whom things are handled smoothly and reliably. With respect to the events being streamed, it means one less thing to stress about. - Tanja Hankia, Customer Experience Specialist, Suomen Ekonomit

Enjoyable collaborative activities create a good atmosphere

According to Suomen Ekonomit, working with Wooli is an enjoyable joint effort. During the collaboration, strong trust has developed between the partners, and both parties are able to openly discuss their wishes and needs. This open communication enables the continuous improvement of customer service in the implementation of live streams.

Wooli has been a reliable partner for Suomen Ekonomit in live streaming services for several years, and warmly recommends Wooli's services to other organizations looking for a high-quality partner for their live streaming needs.